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The Art Of Book Covers

by Lauren Gebka


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Why Cover Art Matters


Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a saying that we’ve all heard a number of times throughout our lives. However, this doesn’t apply to actual books.


Book cover art is arguably the most important aspect of selling a book.


The cover is what attracts the buyer and grabs their attention. The cover adds a layer to the buyer’s experience, enticing them to make the purchase.

What Makes For Great Book Cover Art 


There are a number of things that create great book cover art. Below I’ve listed a few things to keep in mind when making your book cover art.

Striking Imagery




What makes a book stand out on a shelf for you? Personally, my eye is drawn to a cover that uses striking imagery. 

Something that has striking imagery is a lot more likely to sell than something that is plain and boring.

Great Typography




An important thing to note with book covers is to be sure that the text is easy to read and understand. 


When it comes to typography, different fonts entice different emotions. Make sure you choose the right font for the genre. You don’t want to write a romance novel and have people think it’s horror.

Nail The Genre




Readers are most likely to buy a book and be attracted to book covers based on the genres they enjoy reading.


The best thing to do when designing a book cover is to look at the other books within the genre and add your own unique twist to the trends.


Create a cover that is striking, high contrast, and original, while still staying within the main cover trends in your genre.

How To Make A Book Cover

When it comes to making book cover art, I highly suggest that you don’t create your own. 


You want your cover to look professional and reflect the work you put into the writing. 


Vanessa does some amazing book covers, such as the ones I’ve used in the examples above. If you want a professional designer, I highly recommend you get in touch with her.


Beyond The Cover

While your cover makes a big difference, getting the exposure so that more people see your cover in the first place is important too.

Ensure you have a professional author website design and engaging author bio that sells your books and your value as an author.

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