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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does a book cover design cost?

Prices depend on:


  • Genre of the book

  • Publishing deadline

  • Design style that you’re looking for



What files do you provide?

I provide:


  • Ebook cover

  • Paperback cover (front + spine + back)

  • Hardcover (Case Laminate)

  • Dust Jacket (front + spine + back + flaps)

  • Audiobook cover


How many initial cover concepts do you provide?

I normally provide 3-4 (or more) initial cover designs. In 4-5 business days.


How many revisions do you provide?

I normally provide 2-3 rounds of revisions.

What info do you need in order to start working on my project?

You can fill out the form here.





  • At what stage is the book?

  • Are you self publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing, Ingramspark or others? (Please, specify).

  • Do you already have an idea in mind for the cover?

  • Samples (images) of book covers that you like (links to Amazon work too).




  • How many words in total?

  • Are there images inside the book? If so, how many?

  • Any special formatting required? For example, lots of footnotes, bullet points, special quotes etc

  • How many Footnotes/Endnotes in total, if any?



Do you provide promotional materials for social media?

I provide 3D covers and one social media banner. Click here.

Do you provide files for KDP (former CreateSpace) and Ingramspark only?

I provide publishing-ready files for KDP and Ingramspark, Lulu, Draft2Digital, Barnes&Noble and many more.


Do you provide interior formatting services?

What would the cost be? And what files do you provide?

I do. See samples of books I’ve worked on here.


The cost of interior typesetting depends on:


  • Final word count

  • Number of images/tables/graphs

  • Number of footnotes/endnotes

Files provided:


  • Interior paperback PDF

  • Interior ebook EPUB

  • Interior ebook for KINDLE only

  • Source files


Interior Typesetting process. How does that work?

It’s important for the manuscript to be edited and proofread before beginning, as even minor adjustments could affect the layout.

Step 1: I receive the final edited and proofread manuscript and I create a sample interior PDF (paperback - print file).

Step 2: the author reviews it and approves it.

Step 3: I work on the rest of the interior (print version) | 4-5 business days.

Step 4: the author reviews it.

Step 5: we’ll make changes to it, if needed. I provide two free rounds of changes (expecting no more than 20 small changes in total).

Step 6: the author approves the interior paperback PDF.

Step 7: I convert it into an Ebook | 3-4 business days.

Step 8: I deliver all the publishing-ready files.



Are stock images included in the price? Can I supply my own images and photos?

Yes! I mostly use images from - under the Standard License.

And of course, you can supply your own images and photos. I can adjust the resolution, if needed.


What payment methods do you accept?

PaypalBank Transfer, Wise (former TransferWise).

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